Medical Face Mask, Type I

Medical Face Mask, Type I

Short Description:

1. CE mark, single use;
2. Flat pleated design, adjustable nose clip, and elastic ear loop;
3. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): EN 14683 Type I ≥95%;
4. Different pressure (Pa/cm2): EN 14683 Type I <40;
5. 3 layers protection, high bacteria filtration efficiency, low breathing resistance.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameters


Mask Size







EN 14683

Type I


25pcs/bag, 50pcs/box, 50boxes/CTN (2500pcs);

51x41x47cm (FMA)

51x41x55cm (FMC)




EN 14683

Type I


10pcs/bag, 50pcs/box, 50boxes/CTN (2500pcs);

56*41*54.5cm (I-S-A)

56x41x59.5cm (I-S-C)

Intended use

Medical Face Masks Type I are only used for patients and other persons to reduce the risk of spread of infections particularly in epidemic or pandemic situations. They are not intended for use by healthcare professionals in an operating room or in other medical settings with similar requirements.


● Do not use if package has been previously opened or damaged.
● Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands.
● Single Use Only. The recommended use time is 4 hours.
● If the Face Mask is wet or contaminated by the patient’s blood or body fluid, replace it in time.
● Dispose of used product in accordance with applicable regulations.
● Store in well-ventilated, dry place. Prevent heavy pressure, direct sunlight, hard objects

Enterprise Strength

Hangzhou Shanyou Medical “WORK” owns hundreds of mask production lines, and nine state-of-the-art extremely high speed automatic production lines. The capacity for “WORK” face masks is 10 million pcs/day, that's 300 million per month. We’ve been exporting to UK, France, Spain, Germany, mostly government tenders in huge quantities. Our medical face masks obtained the TUV CE certificate (CE2163), registration certificate in China, SGS test report and other test reports according to EN14683. The medical face masks are in the government’s white list.

Hangzhou Shanyou Medical “WORK” strictly follows international rules to manufacture our products, make sure each item meet specific regulations and customer requirements. Our brand “WORK” is widely praised with high quality items.

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