Wearing masks is an important way to prevent respiratory diseases. When choosing masks, we should recognize the word “medical”. Different masks are used in different places. Disposable medical masks are recommended to be used in non crowded places; The protective effect of medical surgical mask is better than that of disposable medical mask. It is recommended that people who serve in public places should wear it when they are on duty; Medical protective mask, with high protection level, is recommended for field investigators, sampling and testing personnel. People can also wear medical protective masks in crowded places and closed public places.

When students go out, they can wear disposable medical masks. If the mask surface is polluted or wet, they should replace the mask immediately. When handling the mask after use, try to avoid touching the inside and outside of the mask with hands. After handling the mask, hand disinfection should be done carefully.

Used masks should be discarded in the Yellow medical garbage can. If there is no yellow trash bin for medical institutions, it is recommended that after the mask is sterilized with alcohol spray, the mask will be placed in a sealed plastic bag and thrown into a closed harmful trash bin.

In particular, we should remind you that in crowded places, airless places, such as buses, subways, elevators, public toilets, and other narrow spaces, you must wear masks and do a good job of personal protection.

Post time: Apr-23-2021